The first priority for Redel is to provide a platform connecting projects withinfluencers, but with a focus on ranking these influencers based on their behavior.Redel aims to incentivize good behavior in selling and build trust-based relationshipswith KOLs who are seen as good actors and maintain transparency.

KOLs benefit from increased trust scores as they are more likely to be accepted intopresales. For projects seeking KOLs, Redel's behavior ranking adds value by assuringthat they are using KOLs that will not dump tokens. KOLs can reassure projects andinvestors by having a Redel ranking. KOLs are anonymized to avoid exposure bydisgruntled project owners.

To onboard a new KOL to Redel, the project will find a KOL and assign an initial rankingand number of presales. The KOL and project will agree on a SAFT/deal, and the KOL willpay the project via Redel. Payment is obscured to protect both parties' walletaddresses. The project has the option for an early release penalty, reducing the KOL'svested amount if they withdraw the entire allocation after TGE.

KOLs may do work, and if via Redel, the project can see proof of marketing. After TGE,the project pays Redel in project tokens, which are sent minus fees to the KOL. Redelranks KOL behavior by analyzing how they claim/draw-down tokens, how they sellon-chain (price, amounts, slippage, visibility), and their social media behavior correlatedagainst sell activities.

In summary, Redel provides a platform connecting projects with influencers, prioritizingbehavior ranking, and incentivizing good behavior in selling while building trust-basedrelationships with KOLs. KOLs benefit from increased trust scores, making them morelikely to be accepted into presales. Projects benefit from assurance that they are usingKOLs who will not dump tokens.

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