Retrieve results (SAMPLE) from search & benchmark

Search hash: a unique identifier for the search

Saved search filter ID: the filter applied to the search (page, categories, groups, source, fields, order)

Start date and end date of the search

Data fields to include in the response (title, tags, visibility, user_followers_count, user_name, user_screen_name, etc.)

Keyword(s) to search for, using OR, AND, and exclude combinations

Search for original posts or post engagements (post, reactions)

Search for posts by sentiment (positive, negative, neutral)

Search for posts by source category (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin, Facebook, Forums)

Array of media types (text only, photo, video)

Content author's screen name

Array of tags IDs

Array of countries and languages

Filter contents by user's followers, visibility, engagements, reach, and likes, using a score integer

Field to order the results by (published_at_unixtime:asc, desc, visibility:asc, desc,reaction_count:asc,desc)

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